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Ensure compliance. Improve efficiency. Minimize costs.

Advanced analytics solutions focused on analyzing and automating the reporting of financial information and tax returns.


Processed Files


Meet col.bi

col.bi is a powerful data analytics platform for digital audit and tax compliance, with high scalability and performance.


Get a complete list of audit findings with drill down capabilities

After completing a deep analysis of all company's transactions contained on SAF-Ts, col.bi presents a set of audit findings that allow you to drill down to the file(s) and document(s) where the error was found. The findings presented are succinctly described and classified into four levels of severity (low, medium, high or critical), so you can make the appropriate corrections (in the ERP) or attach audit notes with evidence to each finding, for an eventual dispute with the Tax Authority. col.bi also allows you to configure the necessary audit rules for your Group's reality, for a even more efficient audit.

Automatic audit and filing of tax returns

Considering the consequences of submitting incorrect or non-compliant information to the Regulators, which are often caused by manual tasks, we have developed a solution that automates the process of auditing and filling out tax returns. With col.bi, you can ensure the correct and automatic filling of several tax returns such as IES, Modelo 10, Modelo 30, Declaração Periódica de IVA, Declaração Recapitulativa, Modelo 22, among others, with just a few clicks.


Integrated, interactive and intuitive BI exploration

col.bi is a cloud based solution and has been designed to have an intuitive and user-friendly interface, so all users can easily and quickly access to the most insights from their company's data, anywhere, anytime, through clear and interactive dashboards. All the information is available from the same access point and on the same screen, for a reduction of time in accessing information.

Instant generation of financial statements, reports, tables, charts and KPIs

With a simple drag and drop, col.bi instantly produces useful and comparative information such as pluriannual financial statements, reports, charts, and KPI's with drill down capabilities, which are crucial to ensure tax compliance, assess your company's financial performance and earning potential, improve the decision-making process, and reduce the time spent preparing, analyzing and validating data.