The market demands quicker audits and more productive ones. The auditors have the pressure to close the audits in a short amount of time nevertheless they have to maintain the quality of their reported information. The companies are generating millions of records to check and the consultants cannot do it within the time restrictions. Only digital audit can help, running mining and substantive rules to the whole set of data, proving the auditors subsets and guides to their processes. increases the efficiency of audits through the analysis and automation of financial and tax information reports. data quality rules produce audit findings and non-compliance notes so the company can see which information is not correct or noncompliant. The “drill down” capabilities from, let the user go from possible errors to their sources, a set of transactions or a single transaction over millions of records.

With, auditors can identify, execute, and track auditing procedures for many purposes, such as financial health, quality management and safety, or environmental security. This digital audit software provides them with an integrated, user-friendly, and intuitive way to find information when they are expediting.

High-quality audits with faster and better results, become easier with the support of an automated software such as

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