The amount of data produced by the companies that must be integrated and crosschecked is also a major issue. BigData technology addresses that need and provides a really reliable and scalable platform to deal with the inbound data. The multiple versions of the input structures are also one of the features that has, mapping the same type of files, regarding their versions.

Companies provide information to the institutions on multiple subsystems, sometimes sending inconsistent data to each one.

This kind of integrity tests are done using enormous resources on integration or data replication time, leading to sometimes huge errors on the reporting.

Colbi Architecture

One of the uses of is to crosscheck and validate all the data at streaming time, ensuring data quality and warning the companies of the corrections that they must apply on their systems.

With, a powerful analytical software for digital audit and tax compliance, you can reduce false positives and make it easier for tax managers in the detection of possible compliance issues by applying vigorous tax rules.

Increase productivity by automating processes and ensure that tax compliance is maintained, is easier with

Colbi Architecture

The functional architecture of can provide many uses to the platform.

Colbi Architecture