A brief history about us

Petapilot is an innovative company created around the vision of its founders on building technology for business, with high potential for internationalization.

We started our project in Porto (Portugal) and we operate on the business, government and institutional market (namely Luxembourg, France, Austria and other OECD countries). We recently opened a delegation in Lithuania, following the business opportunities arising in Central Europe and the Baltics.

We develop products and technology platforms for data analysis with high variety and volume, mainly Business Intelligence solutions, Big Data, Cloud Computing and fraud detection.

We have a strong component of research and development in products and services through an experienced team of resources with multiple skills, namely IT engineers and experts in finance.

Our activity is developed around that same set of highly specialized resources, either by connecting the research groups of higher education institutions, or by participation in R&D projects together with its business partners.

The main product of Petapilot is Col.bi.

Col.bi (Collaborative Business Intelligence) is an analytical tool of commercial and financial information, with high scalability and performance. We have Cloud / Software as a Service (SaaS) version and an appliance, installed on customer data centers.

Col.bi serves a number of sectors ranging from government financial regulation, consultancy companies, industry, distribution and services. Companies in Portugal and abroad, including BDO, Delta, Barbosa and Almeida (BA Vidro), Saint-Gobain, SUCH, the Tax Authority and Customs, among others, are using our solution for Data Analysis, Decision Support, Audit Inference and fraud detection.

For the benefit of our customers, we have created a support center with multi disciplinary and integrated skills (software engineers, financial experts, accounting)

In addition to our products and technology services (on business intelligence and BigData technologies) we have a consulting team specializing in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), to support our customers on implementing and designing solutions related to compliance best practices, audit, internal and external control mechanisms.

Our team has grown motivated by the challenge to provide to the companies, efficient and innovative ways to use their data and information. Today, we deliver products and solutions to the companies, government, regulators and institutions to analyse their data, providing better decisions, infer fraud, diminish risk and ensure compliance. We use Big Data and high-end technologies on our platforms to process data at a massive scale.

Valter Pinho, CEO