Ensure the reporting of compliant information

To avoid inconsistencies in the information that your company sends to the Tax Authority, reducing the risk of tax litigation and disputes with the Tax Authority, arising from tax inspections and investigations, we present you col.bi solution.


col.bi is a powerful tax compliance and digital audit platform that integrates several analytics solutions focused on analyzing, managing, and automating the reporting of financial and tax information.

The platform thoroughly analyzes all the data that is regularly reported to the TA, including the information contained in the SAF-T files, and identifies in advance integrity, materiality and syntax problems that may be subject to inspection by the Tax Authority.

Therefore, col.bi ensures in advance that the information reported to the TA is correct, complete, and coherent, becoming even more relevant at a time when the delivery of the IES via SAF-T will be mandatory as of fiscal year 2021.

After a detailed diagnosis of your company's financial, legal, and tax health is made by automatically executing audit rules over all data, the platform presents the detected inconsistencies, allowing you to drill down to their root cause with just one click. Then, you can make the necessary corrections (in the ERP) in the timely case of the same, or attach audit notes with evidence in advance, thus reducing the dispute with the TA, costs, time, and resources.

With col.bi you not only avoid, on the one hand, the reporting of wrong information to the TA and, consequently, tax inspections and inquiries, but also enable you to make more assertive management decisions based on reliable data.